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    How Reading Habit Can Influencing Reading Comprehension

    Reading and academic achievement are essential for research workers and educationists to know that every child whether he or she is gifted, average, normal or backward etc, should be educated in his or her own way but if he or she possesses good study habits, he or she can perform well in academics and in every situation. It is the reading habits which help the learner in obtaining meaningful and desirable knowledge. Good reading habits act as a strong weapon for the students to excel in life READING Więcej

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    Reasons To Study During The Day And Sleep At Night

    Sleep deprivation can affect and hinder the academic, athletic, and behavior of a student’s life. At less than eight hours of sleep a night, the human body and mind can undergo alteration. This alteration has the ability to impact the life of a student. However, habitual sleep patterns undergo substantial changes from childhood to adolescence and young adulthood. These changes are characterized by progressive delay in the sleep phase without a decrease in need for sleep. At the same time, schedules Więcej

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    Teacher Education And College Students’ Performance

    Educational institutions render a significant contribution in making provision of knowledge and information to the students to lead them towards light from darkness. The key personnel within the educational institutions, who play an important part in the implementation of this task and in bringing about transformation within the lives of the individuals, are the teachers. The teacher is regarded as the most important element within the educational program. It is the teacher, who is responsible for Więcej

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    How To Work With Overbearing Project Supervisor

    We are today in knowledge driven world where knowledge – assets rather than physical – assets and natural assets are considered more relevant in creating competitive and differential advantages. For this reason, attempts are made at micro and macro levels to increase the stock of knowledge assets as a strategic choice for increasing development at diverse levels. . Early development is always a better choice, in any form of development, so as to earn the best fruit of input or labor. This means Więcej

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    The benefits of exercising regularly to college students

    Health is a universal trait; the World Health Organization defines health as a “state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease. Health contributes to general well-being and overall lifestyle. The increasing prevalence of obesity among young people is combined with a concomitant low rate of physical activity, with nearly 43% of college undergraduates reporting that they do not participate in either moderate or vigorous physical activity. Doing exercises Więcej

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    Self Esteem And Social Behaviour Among Undergraduate Students

    Self esteem refers to an individual overall positive evaluation of him or her. High self-esteem consists of an individual respecting him/herself and considering him/herself worthy. Self-esteem is also an individual’s perception or subjective appraisal of one’s own self-worth, one’s feelings of self-respect and self-confidence and the extent to which the individual holds positive or negative views about self. It’s hard for someone who doesn't already have it to know what it would be like to have Więcej

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    College project: Instructional materials and students achievement

    College project writing is the final test of academic achievement among college students. College project writing is very technical especially when a format or instruction is given by your project supervisor. There are some project topics that have limited materials to work with and some supervisors will still demand that student give them a research work with recent citations. Some student end up changing their topics; some even battle with the project till they carry it over to next semester COLLEGE Więcej

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    Simple Changes That Can Make You A Better College Student

    The desire of every college student is to come out with flying colours after graduation. Most of the student failed to accomplish their aims during their time in college because of certain factors which will be addressed in this article. Academic Performance Academic performance is an issue that deeply concerns students, parents, teachers and authorities not only in our country, but also in many other Latin American countries and continents. The complexity of the academic performance starts from Więcej

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    Overbearing Parent And Children Academic Performance

    Over bearing parent are those parents that demand so much from their children irrespective of the state of wellbeing and desire to of their children to fulfill a particular obligation or task. Overbearing parent has a kind of the controlling personality; they try to bend anyone that comes their way to do their bidding without complaints. In the area of children education; an overbearing bearing parent expect his/her children to be the best in their academic environment which include terminal examination, Więcej

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    Academic Performance: Audio-Visual For Teaching And Learning

    Education is necessary for everybody. Education is very vital, deprived of education no can lead a good life. Teaching and learning are the important element in education. The teacher use different approaches and substantial to teach their students and their active learning. With the passage of time, altered methods and techniques are entered in the field of education and teacher use different kind of aids to make effective learning. Visual aids arouse the interest of learners and help the teachers Więcej

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    How Bank Location Affects Undergraduate Students Banking Habits

    Every undergraduate students want to have and keep money for their feeding, payment of school fees, seminar, undergraduate project materials and also payment of rent. One of the best way for undergraduate student to keep and retain money is through banking. However the issue of bank location may affect students banking habits. Apart from making transfers to other students, there are other limitation to making transfers especially when it has to buying provisions in the school market. Most of the Więcej

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    Peer Tutoring And Undergraduate Students’ Performance

    In every higher institution, there is always a variation in intelligent quotients among students. Some students tend to be more brilliant than others; this is usually as a result of poor study time, family background, and socio economic status of students, emotional state or nutritional issues. As a result of this students with low IQ tend to go to their colleague for them to teach them some course module they find difficult to understand. Students are usually free among themselves than they are Więcej

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    The Pros And Cons Of Distance Education

    Distance learning is basically a way of disseminating knowledge, where the educators and students are separated in distance or time or even both. Undoubtedly, distance learning offers wide variety of opportunities to students to attain higher education, but it is not all about benefits and advantages indeed. The distance mode of education offers students the flexibility to decide, what they want to learn, when they want to learn, at what pace they want to learn and what they would like to learn. Więcej

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    How Information Sharing Can Influence The Outcome Of Group Research

    Information sharing can be understood as a set of activities by which information is provide to others, either proactively or upon request, such that the information has an impact on another person’s image of the world and creates a shared, or mutually compatible working understanding of the world. It presumes an act of externalization by those that have knowledge that is knowledge owners. Information sharing is can be said to have it influence in the outcome of group research. This is because in Więcej

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    Internet Facilities And Student Confidence In Research Projects

    There is a lot that entails having confidence in research project. Research project is beyond coming up with a project topic. It has everything to do with the entirety of the research work from the undergraduate project topic, getting the research materials etc. and all through the end of the research work which ends at the defense hall. The internet facilities have shown to improve the confidence of students in research projects. This is because the internet has a way of providing all the necessary Więcej

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    Undergraduate Project: Social Media And Information Dissemination

    The undergraduate projects are often the first major piece of independent research that a student will undertake. We are today in knowledge driven world where knowledge assets rather than physical assets and natural assets are considered more relevant in creating competitive and differential advantages. For this reason, attempts are made at micro and macro levels to increase the stock of knowledge assets as a strategic choice for increasing development at diverse levels. Early development is always Więcej

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