The need to improve your speed during research project writing

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There is always need for speed when writing on any undergraduate project topics ; this is because it will help you finish your research work on time so as to have time of other departmental activities like seminar presentation, attendance to classes etc; however most student still do not know how to manage time during research project writing . This has really affected the time scheduled for the completion of the research work. There some few things I will list out on how to improve your speed during project writing;
  • Ø get all the writing materials you need
  • Ø have a good internet access
  • Ø involve a research project coach
  • Ø carry out a feasibility study on your topic before it is approved
  • Ø time your self
Get All The Writing Materials You Need
In writing a good research project, you must have all the necessary materials you need to aid the research. If all things being equal, all final year student is expected to have a phone (with internet connectivity), laptop, modem, paper, and money. All these items listed above are all important because one cannot do without them during research project writing.
Have A Good Internet Access
Internet is one of the most important things to consider whenever you want to carry out a research work. This will enable you do lots of things like surfing the net for materials and communication with colleagues under the same supervisor. Always go for the best internet providers. In Nigeria today the MTN network seems fasters than the rest of the network providers. Any student that wishes to have a good internet experience in terms of browsing speed should always go the MTN network.
Involve a research project coach
As the saying goes "nobody is an Ireland of knowledge" everybody must pass though one learning process or the other. Most tertiary institutions in Nigeria usually teach their student especially in year three on how to write their project but some do not teach their students. This has really being a clog on the wheel of the completion of the research project work. The involvement of a project coach will help any undergraduate student that is carry out their research project work.
Who is a project coach?
A project coach can be a supervisor or someone acting as a supervisor but here he / she will not cancel your research project like your supervisors will do.
With the help of a project coach, any final year student will be able to learn how to write his or her research work.
Carry Out A Feasibility Study On Your Topic Before It Is Approved
Carrying out a feasibility study is very important to all students, organization (both those in the service and manufacturing sector). The role of feasibility study varies. Organizations carry out a feasibility study to be able to determine the SWOT of any project they are about to carry while undergraduate student carry out feasibility study to be able to determine if the project topic they want to work on is researchable. Feasibility study helps any student or organization save time and money.
Time Your Self
Timing yourself as a student gives you an edge over your colleagues that do not time their selves. Set out time out of your schedule to do your research work. You mustn't wait to hear the word "you have one week to submit your project" before you start writing your research work. Then lastly discipline yourself and be consistent with the timing. If you have decided to give your project work 2 hours a day, be consistent about it.
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