final year research project? What should students expect?

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Final year research project is one of the core courses required for students in higher institution as a fulfillment in obtaining their honors bachelor degree. Final year project is a compulsory course to all students and its main purpose is to equip the students with self-learning and research skills with closed supervision on existing, extended or new topic in the area of ​​their course of study.
Therefore, Project writing involves undertaking an empirical investigation into an issue of social concern in the area of ​​culture, gender, inequality, health and aging, population, politics, globalization, economic life, crime, the environment, etc., and is designed to give students the opportunity to put into practice earlier learning about statistical and research methods.
However, there are certain important things every final year student must known especially as regards writing of project which is mandatory in higher institution in fulfillment of obtaining a bachelor degree. The knowledge of knowing what a final year project is and knowing what to expect beforehand saves students lots of stress and avoid getting frustrated along the line.
Why Do We Call It Final Year Project?
A final year project represents a demonstration of a student's ability to integrate the knowledge they acquired from more than one course and subject, to produce a final work that shows your readiness to graduate. In many cases, you are also required to demonstrate the ability to learn new skills on your own. However, the write up of your final year project has to follow clear academic guidelines that also show: integrity, creativity, organization, and research skills.
It is called a final year project because it is written when you get to final year, it is a final project you must carry on to show how ready you are to graduate as well as an expression of the knowledge acquired in your many years as an undergraduate. Final year project shows to a great extent your readiness to meet the challenges in the society and how you intend to impact your world and find possible solutions to existing problems as well as add to an already existing knowledge.
The Challenges Every Student Must Encounter
Despite the importance of final year project writing, it is observable and an established fact that students always view it as something difficult or challenging. The reason for this may be that which students insinuate since project writing involves steps / procedures that require time, money and commitment, it is sometimes difficult. This means that students fear facing the challenges associated with project writing and get stressed and frustrated even before they begin.
However, it cannot be dismissed that there are no challenges in final year project writing, but it is not an impossible task to fulfill following the right tips towards easy and interesting final year project writing. Below are some possible challenges:
i. Selecting a suitable project topic :final year students find it challenging to craft out a well formulated and articulated project topic, for some selecting a suitable final year project topic seem quite daunting. A suitable project topic is the first step in every research work and must be accepted and approved by your supervisor before you can proceed with the main research work and this is where student take lot of time especially when your supervisor does not approve your final year project .
ii. Lack of resources / materials :after the challenge of selecting a suitable project topic, the next challenge faced by many students is sourcing of research material. If as a final year student who is about to carry on a project work you don't know places and people to meet to source out research material, it will definitely pose as a challenge to you later.
iii. Imposition of research topic on students by supervisors : another challenge in writing a final year project is the Imposition of research topic on students by supervisors; some supervisors impose some topics on their student against their will and lack of interest.
iv. Time :A time constraint is another challenge final year project writing student's face. They are always given a specific time to complete and submit their project. As a result of time given, most students are put under pressure to meet up with the specific date, they become so anxious and some even get frustrated.
v. lack of money :final year project writing is not devoid of financial challenges. Whether you like or not finance must be involved in the writing of final of year project right from the sourcing of materials to the printing of questionnaires if using primary data, purchasing of data to browse some articles related to your research work to the printing out of the research work and even transportation as the case may be. All these involve money and can pose as a major challenge to most final year students.
vi. Difficulty to express themselves in their own words : most students because of copied research work or copy and paste find it lot difficult to express themselves in their own words especially during defense.
How To Solve The Problem
i.In the case of selecting a suitable project topic there is a projects database that contains a number of project suggestions made by members of faculty. Note that these are just suggestions for suitable topics and there is no requirement that you select one of them. In fact, we would encourage you to formulate your own ideas for a project. The suggestions are provided as a guide and to help you understand the scale of the project you should be attempting.
ii. Make all necessary inquiries even before you begin your final year project writing on the places and how to source out for materials so as to make it easy for you when you start your project writing. You can also ask your supervisor for help on materials and where to source them out.
iii.Project topics should not be imposed on final year students by their supervisors. Allowing students to choose topics of interest themselves go a long way in making project writing an interesting adventure to them and help avoid them getting frustrated. They can easily source out materials as well.
iv. Have a mutual relationship with your supervisor and listen to him / her, it will help you save you time. When you claim to know more than your supervisor by avoiding him / her form the beginning of your project writing that's a step to getting behind time and calling on frustration. Talk to your supervisors about anything including your challenges they can be of help and help you come out with an excellent research work. is advisable as a final year student to use your own words in writing your final year project as this will help you in time of defense, it will find quite easy to express yourself. However, in writing of your final year project, you may add the works and findings of other researchers, it is important you acknowledge them.
In conclusion, every final year students must be abreast of these common challenges and have a strong defense mechanism to avoid frustration creeping in along the line. Final year project writing shouldn't be much of a difficulty if you follow the appropriate guidelines and start an early preparation, knowing what to expect and how to go about it.
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