School Resumption: How To Make Up For Lost Learning Time

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Education has shown in much aspect to be a tool among others for enhancing the growth and development of a country. It is an imperative aspect that not only help an individual in acquiring skills, abilities and knowledge, but it also lead to a general growth and progress of the individual and the society at large. An educated person will not only be able to accomplish his/her goals and ambitions on life, but also able to render an effective and efficient contributions to the existing problem in the society. The inculcation of academic knowledge, skills, abilities and proficiency among the individuals is enhanced through learning and enhanced academic performance. However, as a result of the global pandemic, schools have been on lockdown as a preventive measure to curtail the spread of the novel corona virus. Many students never imagined that the lockdown of schools would take such a long time as it did. The lockdown of schools greatly affected all sectors of the economy with the education sector inclusive. As a result of this, undergraduates’ curriculum has been taken aback and all academic activities were put on hold which of course led to the lack of motivation for students to study and carry out their undergraduate research projects and other school departmental activities.
The lock down of schools in Nigeria greatly affected both students and teachers alike. In the part of the students, they lost motivation to study and will automatically have an extended time of graduating. Also those in final year may not feel the need to continue with their final year project. On the part of the teachers, we had lots of teachers complaining of lack of payment of salaries as a result of the lockdown of schools. Some teachers are going through tough times in this period of schools lockdown.
Academic performance of undergraduates is a determining factor to the fulfillment of future goals, ambitions and objectives. Academic performance is the extent to which a student, teacher or institution has attained their short or long-term educational goals. Completion of educational benchmarks such as secondary school, diplomas and bachelor's degrees represent academic achievement.
However, academic performance which is a major concern to education stake holders in Nigeria cannot be tackled with the recent lockdown of schools. Appropriate measures need to be put in place to tackle the dwindling students’ academic performance facing the school system in the country.
The study time of undergraduates has been affected as well as a result of the lockdown of schools not because they lacked or had limited time to study but because they are not sure of when schools will reopen. However they lose all motivation to study or research.
One of the ways to make up for lost study time as an undergraduate is to create a study habit. Creating a study habit will do you lots of good because it will help you cover up for the lost time and lost lectures. You can undertake a personal research and read ahead of your lecturers if possible in order to stay on track.
Another way to make up for lost study time is to allocate more time to studying. The more you study, the more knowledgeable you are. Studying exposes you to the world and the thoughts of others concerning a particular issue.
Group studying over the years has proven effectively in the academic performance of students in all educational level. This is because as a group you get to share various ideas and understanding on the topic under discussion. Every member of the group may be given a particular topic to research on and share with the group, by so doing you are improving your knowledge on various topics as every member will share on the findings of their research. Also group studying is an opportunity to ask questions from those who have a better understanding of the topic just in case you were unable to ask in class or shy to ask as the a case may be.
Conclusively, undergraduates shouldn’t let the lockdown of schools affect their academic performance, there are lots of ways they can make up for the lost study time at home or better still hire a private teacher, create a readying group with friends, give more time to your study and try as much as possible to create a study habit.
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