Insecurity And The Safety Of Security Personnel In Nigeria

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The growth and development of any nation is highly dependent on the level of the nation’s security. It is so because for investors to invest in any country, they must be assured of the security of the nation so as to allow for free operation of foreign investors with little or no tension whatsoever. The pillar upon which a nation strives in meaningful growth and development is security for without security a nation goes backward instead of moving forward and may lose foreign investors as no person would like to invest where his/her investment isn’t secured.
From the various political research projects it is believed that Nigeria as a nation has been enmeshed in a firebox of insecurity and witnessed series of unprecedented agitations in forms of kidnapping, bombing, deaths of innocent civilians, foreigners, even abduction of some security and elected personnel’s and other forms of crimes against God and humanity. The insecurity of Nigeria today cannot be discussed without mentioning the terrorist group called Boko Haram that have meted all forms and magnitude of terrorism especially in the north east of Nigeria. As a result of insecurity which has led to the loss of loved ones, public and private investments, kidnappings of all age, suicide bombings, religious rivalry, and armed banditry and so on has increasingly become a signature that characterizes life in Nigeria. However, various approaches have been applied by the government from the use of force to carrot and stick but the challenge as regards security of the citizens and nation at large keeps rising with monstrosity and alacrity.
Military has also been deployed to the various states bedeviled with insecurity but the problem defied the past and present medication and approach it is getting. The issue of insecurity has not only posed as a threat to national integration and foreign investment but also on industrial development across the nation. As a result of this, it has taken the country backwards in terms of growth and development and many more years than it was to meet up with developed Nation.
Insecurity In Nigeria
There is an alarming rate of insecurity in Nigeria which has affected every facet of Nigerian life with no end in sight. However, insecurity is not a challenge peculiar to Nigeria alone, other countries face same challenge. But the bone of contention here is how this menacethat has taken sleep away from many Nigerians especially those in the northern part is managed and approached. It is no longer news that the rise of insecurity in Nigeria has affected greatly on the socio-economic sphere of the nation. The word insecurity generally refers to the absence of resistance to or protection from harm, peaceful co-existence and development at large. When there is insecurity in a country it means that the country has no relative ability to counter threats to its values, citizens, investments and interest at large. That is to say that the security of a nation rests on the maintenance and protection of the socioeconomic order in the face of internal and external threat the promotion of a preferred international order, which minimizes the threat to core values and interests, as well as to the domestic order.
The state of insecurity in Nigeria has subjected its citizens to an unimaginable fear emanating from incessant killings of innocent citizens, molestation, intimidation, harassment of all sorts etc. This implies that threat to human life does not only emanate from situation of violent conflicts such as Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen activities but also from other non-conflict sources. Nigeria seems to be battling with security problem and this cuts across its six geographical regions but particularly in the North-East, North Central and South-South. Residents in these regions now sleep with one eye open while government who ordinarily is charged with the protection of lives and property seems lost and incapable of doing this as all approaches applied seem to have failed. Therefore, with the rate of insecurity in the country, trade and commerce have been affected greatly which has also led to the dwindling of government’s revenues. Also Social activities particularly in the crisis prone areas are very poor due to fear of the unknown as many of the best brains and man power have fled for fear of either being kidnapped, killed or maimed.
Kidnapping Of Personnel In Nigeria
The kidnapping of personnel in Nigeria is no longer something new or surprising as the kidnapping of all manner of pe4rsons regardless of your social status in the society has gained momentum in today’s Nigeria. To say that kidnapping is detrimental to Nigeria’s national security is to state the obvious. It has taken the country backward in terms of economic growth and general development of the country. Hence, anything that poses a threat to sustainable development of Nigeria must constitute a threat to her national security as well. For further clarification on this crime we must know what kidnapping is.
Kidnapping means the taking away of a person against his/her will with the intent to holding him in illegal confinement in order to elicit a ransom, or in furtherance of another crime.
Kidnapping has done lots of harm especially to the sustainable development of Nigeria this is to mention but a few of what this societal menace has done. It has also led to loss of lives, daunted economic growth and development, loss of foreign investment, negative perception of the country in the face of international community etc. In effect, the rising trend of kidnapping in Nigeria has, more than anything else, created security and economic climate that impede sustainable national development.
With all these happenstances, security personnel’s are not exempted even though in the eyes of others they seem to be more protected because they seem to know more about security and how to be more cautious. But unfortunately, they are also victims of kidnapping in the society. As a matter of fact they are one of the most wanted persons by kidnappers because with them out of the way they can carry out their perpetrated and evil act on their victims.
The Need For Improved Security In Nigeria
There is political uncertainty and turbulence in Nigeria which poses serious concerns for the citizens and non-citizens and that threat is the obvious rise insecurity. There is no doubt that these are tumultuous and hard times in the country as many residents face economic, political and social problems. However, the increasing growth of kidnapping in Nigeria has become a strong threat to national peace and security. It has affected the national image of the state and has eaten deep into every region and segment of the nation. Therefore, there is an urgent need for improved security in the country. The government owes it as a duty to protect the state and its citizenry employing all machineries to ensure the death of all forms insecurity in the country. No country develops without an improved security. If Nigeria has a nation must move forward then there is a need for an improved security.
In conclusion, the issue of insecurity in Nigeria has become a strong challenge for the Nigerian government and the citizens as well. The governance challenges facing the polity have trickled into the society, resulting in moral decadence. The growing dissatisfaction, discomfort and distress within the larger society coupled with the un-abating official corruption, high unemployment rate, economic crisis, pauperization of the masses, decaying infrastructure and a futile national integration project have heated up the socio-political environment of the country and as such has left the country with more issues to tackle aside insecurity.
Consequently, armed conflicts, terrorism, kidnapping, political assassination and other violent crimes have become the order of the day in Nigeria. The government has made efforts to contain the insecurity inferno raging in many areas in the country especially the north-east, but until the moral foundation, on which the Nigerian state is regenerated, Nigeria may be walking the precipice and all efforts towards the fight against insecurity may be futile.
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