How To Make Distinction In Your Departmental Courses

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The aspiration of every student at all levels is to be the best and come out with flying colours after their academic journey. Many students normally have that fire for academic success and desire to make distinction in all departmental courses. But however, the story changes once they get into school may be as result of friends or lack of focus and dedication towards their studies. Some tend to get discourage along the line possibly because what they expected is not what they see may be they expected all courses to be easy to understand to pass without much efforts and dedication. Therefore, in the midst of all these there are students who still come out with distinction regardless of challenges, issues in their personal lives or even extracurricular activities. It does not mean they are super humans it just means there is something they are doing that you are not doing. There are sacrifices you must have to make to achieve what you want to achieve. Making distinction in all departmental courses and thesis research projects do not come without hard work and dedication you must have to work for it.
It must be known that successful students aren’t necessarily more intelligent that other students. It just means that they more disciplined and focused with their studies and they’ve developed a strong study habits. Academic success dose not just come to you, you must seek for it. Give it your all and make any sacrifices required if it will give you academic success.
Students who do well in school don’t wait until they’re in the mood to do a focused study session before they get down to work. Neither do they wait until they feel motivated before they start preparing for an exam. Instead, any student who seeks for academic success must rely on systems to ensure that he/she gets the work done even when he/she don’t feel like it.
Academic performance is the extent to which a student, teacher or institution has attained their short or long-term educational goals. Completion of educational benchmarks such as secondary school diplomas and bachelor's degrees represent academic achievement.
The academic performance of students at all levels is very important especially to education stakeholders. This is because success in education in terms of high academic performance is highly instrumental and vital to the growth and development of a nation which includes scientific and technological development, socio-economic and political advancement and general life of the citizens. Therefore, the academic performance of students is a reflection of how well they have mastered and comprehend the courses taught.
One of the reasons why making distinction is very important is that it improves your self confidence. Every successful person is a confident person because the understand what he/she is doing and cannot be intimidated or feel inferior amongst his/her peers and even teachers. As a matter of fact the improved self confidence that accompanies academic success is a push to do and know more in order to remain at the ladder of success.
Another reason why making distinction is important is that kit boosts your CGPA. The target of every student even before they get admission into the higher institution is to boost their CGPA. If you must graduate with a distinction then you must work hard to boost your CGPA. Aside the importance of CGPA in schools it is also relevant in the corporate world where companies and organisations require a certain CGPA for employment or a particular position.
It is natural for people to want to associate and cling around a successful person. Nobody likes to be associated with a dullard or a confused individual. So been academically successful attracts people to you and increases your popularity among students and even lecturers.
Having discussed why making distinction is important, we need to know how to make distinction in departmental courses.
Therefore, one of the ways to make distinction in your departmental courses is to leverage on past questions. Most students tend to overlook past questions while some develop cold attitude when told to go through past questions of a particular courses or courses they belief is a total waste of time and irrelevant to their academic success. However, it is one mistake students make, leveraging on past questions does not entirely mean you shouldn’t study what you’ve been taught presently it is encouraged because from studying the past questions you will have an idea of how questions are asked and possibly there might be a repetition of such questions in your exams. So if you have studied and answered the past questions it gives you an edge in your exams if the questions resurfaces as well as know what to expect as the case may be.
Group studying over the years has proven effectively in the academic performance of students in all educational level. This is because as a group you get to share various ideas and understanding on the topic under discussion. Every member of the group may be given a particular topic to research on and share with the group, by so doing you are improving your knowledge on various topics as every member will share on the findings of their research. Also group studying is an opportunity to ask questions from those who have a better understanding of the topic just in case you were unable to ask in class or shy to ask as the a case may be.
Some students don’t know to study on their own or lack motivation to study and remain focus. However, in situations like this, it is advised that you get a study coach. A study coach is to encourage you and assist you in areas of study you find difficult to comprehend as well as be a source of motivation to you to study more and be focused.
Another point to consider in making distinction in departmental courses is to treat all departmental courses equally. As an undergraduate student make no mistake of treating one course above the other or look down on any courses may be because you understand it so easily or don’t see it as an important course. Some student even look down or don’t take a particular course serious because it is a 2unit course or even 1unit course and thereby focus all energy and attention on 3unit courses. Having this kind of attitude and mindset towards departmental courses will only get you disappointed at the end of the day because those courses you look down on could actually help in boosting your CGPA but if so much attention is given to some courses you consider relevant and at the end of the day you failed or score average, it will definitely bring down your CGPA. Therefore, to avoid cases like these avoid seeing any course as irrelevant and treat all departmental courses equally. Give them the necessary attention and focus and you will be glad you did.
Conclusively, making a distinction in all departmental courses is not easy but is not impossible to achieve. All it requires is your attention, focus and dedication towards your study. Avoid any form of distraction that could deter on the success of your study and poor grades. And above all see all courses as relevant and important do not look down on any course. Stay determined and believe you can make it.
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