Simple Changes That Can Make You A Better College Student

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The desire of every college student is to come out with flying colours after graduation. Most of the student failed to accomplish their aims during their time in college because of certain factors which will be addressed in this article.
Academic Performance
Academic performance is an issue that deeply concerns students, parents, teachers and authorities not only in our country, but also in many other Latin American countries and continents. The complexity of the academic performance starts from its conceptualization. Sometimes it is known as school readiness, academic achievement and school performance, but generally the difference in concepts is only explained by semantics as they are used as synonyms. Conventionally, it has been agreed that academic performance should be used in university populations and school performance in regular and alternative basic education populations. We will point out just a few because there is a diversity of definitions. Several authors agree that academic performance is the result of learning, prompted by the teaching activity by the teacher and produced by the student. Academic performance is “the product given by the students and it is usually expressed through school grades”. Academic performance as a measure of the indicative and responsive abilities that express, in an estimated way, what a person has learned as a result of a process of education or training. Academic performance involves meeting goals, achievements and objectives set in the program or course that a student attends. These are expressed through grades which are the result of an assessment that involves passing or not certain tests, subjects or courses. Academic performance also can be seen as the level of knowledge shown in an area or subject compared to the norm, and it is generally measured using the grade point average.
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The purpose of the school or academic performance is to achieve an educational goal, learning. In this regard there are several components of the complex unit called performance. They are learning processes promoted by the school that involve the transformation of a given state, into a new state, and they are achieved with the integrity in a different unit with cognitive and structural elements. Performance varies according to circumstances, organic and environmental conditions that determine skills and experiences. The academic performance involves factors such as the intellectual level, personality, motivation, skills, interests, study habits, self-esteem or the teacher-student relationship. When a gap between the academic performance and the student’s expected performance occurs, it refers to a diverging performance. An unsatisfactory academic performance is the one that is below the expected performance. Sometimes it can be related to teaching methods
Changes That Can Make You A Grade “A” College Student
1. Improve study time
Study Time means time allowed off from normal duties granted on full pay to staff members who are studying in approved part-time courses. Study Time means the time allowed off from normal duties on full pay to a staff member who is studying in a part time course which is of relevance to the department.When you improve your study time; chances are that you performance in your examination will increase.
2. Get a study coach
Last but not the least is getting a project coach. It is not wrong to get a study coach as an undergraduate student especially when you don’t have knowledge of your project topic or even what an entire undergraduate project research is all about. A study coach is not to write the project research for you, he/she is there is guide you, educate you and supervise you as well aside your project supervisor assigned to you in the department. A study coach will pay more attention to you and make sure you get it right in all step of the way until you finish your research project. So, if you are among undergraduate students who have little or no knowledge their project topics, you can as well hire the services of a project coach.
3. Use Of Instructional Materials
Instructional materials are those materials or resources used in any teaching exercise to promote greater understanding of the learning experience. They are used to provide the richest possible learning environment which helps the teacher and learners to achieve specific objectives. They also assist the teachers to communicate more effectively and the learners learn more meaningfully and permanently. Instructional materials could also mean anything that helps the teacher to promote teaching and learning activities. Instructional materials can be teaching aids which are intended to help the teacher to teach more effectively or better still which enables the pupils to learn more easily. Instructional materials are devices and resources used in learning situation to supplement to written or spoken words in the transmission of knowledge, attitude, ideas or concept and values. Instructional materials are things or objects brought into play to emphasize, clarify, strengthen, vitalise the teachers’ instruction.
4. Always use past questions and answer
The use of past questions and answer is one of the best study hacks for students that really want grade A in their examination, test assignment etc. Using past papers to study gives undergraduate students insights of what to expect from their examiners or course lecturers. The use of past papers also helps study cover more ground and summarize their lecture note better for examination purposes.Sometimes when you are studying for A-levels, your teacher or tutor may give you practice papers. These are papers similar to what you’ll be handed in an exam. They will have example questions in an exam format for you to practise answering. Past papers are ones that have been used in actual exams in previous years. They have got questions that students before you actually had to answer in an exam setting! Qualifications you study for and the exams set for them can change over time, but doing past papers is still a great way to prepare for the real thing.
5. Avoid distraction
Distractions are part of life and, in small doses, can actually be a good thing: Small breaks during the day often help to refresh your mind and prevent stress and burnout. But when you take too much time away from important work to deal with less important tasks, you're sabotaging your own productivity. Every undergraduate student need to know when to draw the line when being distracted.
6. Peer Tutoring
Peer tutoring is a broad learning strategy. It covers a wide range of activities through which people learn through different techniques. These activities ranged from a traditional proctor model in schools to the more innovative learning groups in colleges and universities. In proctor model the senior students act as tutors and junior students as tutees. On the other hand in innovative learning groups students of the same age group or same level help each other by forming partnerships. There are some other models which include discussions, seminars, private study groups, counseling, peer-assessment schemes, collaborative project or laboratory work, workplace mentoring and community activities. As peer learning involves a large range of activities but here the study analyzes a two-way, reciprocal learning activity. Peer learning should have mutual benefits and involve the sharing of knowledge, ideas and experience between the participants.
Peer learning can be termed as a technique of moving beyond independent to interdependent or mutual learning. Students usually learn effectively through peer learning especially at a time when university resources are insufficient and the demand of staff is higher. Peer learning creates the opportunity for the students to learn from each other by utilizing their own skills. It enables students to have more practice than traditional teaching. Students take more responsibility in peer learning and learn how to learn effectively
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