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  • Project7708

    How To Prepare For Final Year Examination

    Final year is usually a very busy week for students. Student will engage in seminar presentation, undergraduate project writing, and defense.Students usually get nervous because of the final year exams. Most of them already have the notion that final year exams are difficult and more technical than other exams they’ve written in other levels. However, what they fail to understand is that for any examination, without prior and adequate preparations, you are bound to perform poorly or even fail. Therefore, Więcej

  • Project7708


    Students industrial work experience scheme (SIWES) is a human capital formation programme through industrial attachment. Students industrial work experience scheme (SIWES) is designed to help students have a practical and real life experience on their course of study which is based on theories and principles acquired in the teaching and learning process in class before engaging in undergraduate project writing. The SIWES progarmme is designed as a sort of exposure and a preparation for what students Więcej

  • Project7708

    Why Group Reading Is Still Important To Final Year Students

    Every student regardless of the level wants to come out with good grades and an improved academic performance. Reading is well-planned and deliberate pattern of study which has attained a form of consistency on the part of students toward understanding academic subjects and passing at examinations. The level of reading determines the academic achievements of students to a great extent. Both reading and academic achievements are interrelated and dependent on each other. Students often come from different Więcej

  • Project7708

    The Importance Of Financial Literacy To Final Year Students

    Financial literacy is important because it equips us with the knowledge and skills we need to manage money effectively. Without it, our financial decisions and the actions we take or don't take lack a solid foundation for success. The ability to properly manage money makes each of these life milestones in building a career and family possible. But many undergraduates are entering school or the workforce almost completely unarmed with the basic knowledge, the basic skills that they need to manage Więcej

  • Project7708

    Why Student Fall Out With Your Project Supervisor: How To Improve

    Project writing is an academic exercise undergraduate student undertake at the last year of their academic pursuit in higher institution. It therefore requires them to come up with a project topic and then the complete project work which also require them to defend their written research work and explain their aim and findings of their research work. Therefore, the whole process of project writing is not without an assigned supervisor to every student who oversees the whole proves of the research Więcej

  • Project7708

    The Role Of Incentive And Workers Productivity

    Organizations over the years are facing challenges on both internal and external work environment; which has led to lack of effective and efficient organizational performance and maintenance of institutional performance most of the reasons are as a result of lack of incentives to their employees based on their effective and efficient role in the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. One of the organizational tools that can be used in ensuring an effective organizational performance Więcej

  • Project7708

    The Internet And Research Project Development

    The internet is emerging as a very powerful tool for obtaining information on varieties of subject on line. It is however, a useful source for knowing latest happenings in the society and the world around us even without been present. The growth of the internet is undoubtedly, widespread and has developed a new socio-economic environment, where information, innovation, and knowledge play a primary role. As such the internet is perceived as the best way for accessing entertainment, learning, and Więcej

  • Project7708

    Academic Performance: The Importance Of Use Of Charts In Teaching

    Education is considered as one of the determinant factor in measuring of a nation’s growth and development and as such seen as imperative aspects that not only inculcates societal values, skills, abilities and general knowledge to an individual but also leads to the general growth and development of a nation. That is why in order to bring about improvements in all spheres of the society and also be able to utilize modern and innovative techniques and methods, individuals need to generate awareness Więcej

  • Project7708

    Health Education: How To Avoid Hyperglycemia Among The Elderly

    Old age comes with a lot of health issues especially those that do not monitor or go for regular checkup. Of recent, one of the most common diseases among the elderly one is the hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia refers to high levels of sugar, or glucose, in the blood. It occurs when the body does not produce or use enough insulin, which is a hormone that absorbs glucose into cells for use as energy. Findings from various undergraduate project topics show that high blood sugar is a leading indicator Więcej

  • Project7708

    The Effect Of Business Education on Unemployment

    The issue of unemployment in Nigeria has been of concern and national interest. This concern extends to economic managers and even the citizenry. However, with the introduction of business education there seems to be a rare of hope for the Nigerian youth who do not have to wait for the government to provide jobs even though it is part of their mandate to their citizens. In this regard, business education as been defined as a form vocational education that is directed towards developing the learner Więcej

  • Project7708


    The rate of unemployment in today's society is alarming and a concern to many especially students who are writing their undergraduate projects. The rate of unemployment is prevalence in developing countries and because of this, undergraduate students are scared and unsure about what the future holds for them seeing the multitude that are yet to be employed or have anything doing. The thought of this alone have greatly affected the passion of students towards studying and even furthering their education. Więcej

  • Project7708

    Customers Trust: What Firms Need To Know

    In a competitive market today, every firm strives to have dominion in whatever goods and services they render. Firms do not only strive for dominion they also strive for good reputation. In order to achieve this, firms must have a good and effective communication with their customers as they are one of the most important stakeholders who are responsible for the creation 0of revenue streams. Firms need to build good reputation because it exerts some sort of influence on both commercial outcomes like Więcej

  • Project7708

    The Growth Of Arm Banditry In Northern Nigeria

    Recently as at 10th June there have been series of killing in the northern Nigeria. Lots of citizens were made homeless and others lost their lives. Arm banditry has eaten deep into the fabric of socio economic development in Nigeria. The variation in the level of arm banditry in the Northern Nigeria is in correlation with change in political administration. Armed banditry, facilitated the emergence of a complex informal security sector in the region, including the growth of armed local vigilante Więcej

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