Academic Performance: The Importance Of Use Of Charts In Teaching

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Education is considered as one of the determinant factor in measuring of a nation’s growth and development and as such seen as imperative aspects that not only inculcates societal values, skills, abilities and general knowledge to an individual but also leads to the general growth and development of a nation. That is why in order to bring about improvements in all spheres of the society and also be able to utilize modern and innovative techniques and methods, individuals need to generate awareness and enhance their educational skills especially for those handling their final year project topics.
Therefore, an educated person is not only able to accomplish his desired goals and objectives, but is also able to render an efficient contribution towards the growth and development of the country.
Since education is the bedrock of a society, it is pertinent to ensure a high academic [performance of students in terms of looking for ways to improve on their academic performance. However, one of such ways is the use of charts in teaching and learning. The use of charts in teaching and learning will help teachers to bring into reality what they teach and as such makes teaching more effective. Charts are good examples of visual presentations which assist students in understanding ideas more than when the teacher just talks. There are courses that require the use of use of charts to bring about connections within and between concepts been taught as well help students make connections and applications. In order to bring about this connection the charts need to be properly prepared to be relevant to the particular concept being taught.
Furthermore, the use of charts in teaching and learning is highly advised because it unfolds a whole lot of ideas that real life models may not unfold. There are also courses that require the use of instructional materials in the teaching and learning in order to enhance students understanding of the concept and to also clear any doubt and misconception the students may have. The visibility of teaching is achieved through the use of charts and makes teaching and learning process more interesting. Instructional charts can be used for demonstration, practical, collaboration, etc. however, each of these strategies calls for skilful and effective use of the chart. Chart is useful to complete formative assessment in the classroom and it also allows the teachers to find out students’ prior knowledge in a particular topic or course. The understanding of courses that is as a result if the use of charts, improves the academic performance of students.
Academic performance is the outcome of education and the extent to which a student, teacher or institution has achieved their educational goals.
Academic performance is also the extent to which a student, teacher or institution has attained their short or long-term educational goals. Completion of educational benchmarks such as secondary school diplomas and bachelor's degrees represent academic achievement.
Chart is known as one of the visual aids that can be used in teaching and learning process. It is one of the visual aids that is used to resume, compare, and against the reality. Chart is information in the form of diagrams, lists or drawings and often displays the relationship between numbers for the students to refer to. Chart also can be used to illustrate many types of data. It is also usually called diagram since the material that will be taught is about expressing the facts and figures. Therefore, for effective teaching and learning, chart could become the appropriate media to be used.
One importance of the use of charts in teaching is that it improves the level of retention among students. Using charts during a lesson helps engage students a lot. Many students are visual learners, so they understand and retain information better when the concepts are associated with images. If you are teaching a lesson about caterpillar anatomy, for instance, you might draw or post a large picture of a caterpillar on an easel and then label its body parts while the students watch. When creating a chart or diagram in front of the students, pause to ask questions or to invite the students to help you complete the chart. This is an effective teaching process.
Another importance of the use of charts in teaching is the improvement in the understanding of a topic. Students tend to have a better understanding of courses taught with the use of charts as it outcome steers them in the face bringing to life their imaginations and clearing all doubts and misconception. The visibility of teaching is achieved through the use of charts and makes teaching and learning process more interesting and understandable.
With easy comprehension, retention and understanding of courses through the use of charts in teaching and learning process it automatically leads to an improved academic performance.
Education is necessary to the growth of an individual and the nation as a whole. Education is very vital in living a fulfilled life. Therefore, no one should be deprived of education. Depriving anyone of education is as good as depriving the person of a good life. Effective teaching and learning are the important element in education. The teacher uses different approaches to teach students in order to ensure active learning. With the passage of time, altered methods and techniques are entered in the field of education and teacher use different kind of aids to make effective learning and one of such aids is the use of charts to convey concepts properly so that students can comprehend and retain. Charts in teaching and learning have shown to be an effective instructional material for effective teaching and learning.
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