Why Student Fall Out With Your Project Supervisor: How To Improve

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Project writing is an academic exercise undergraduate student undertake at the last year of their academic pursuit in higher institution. It therefore requires them to come up with a project topic and then the complete project work which also require them to defend their written research work and explain their aim and findings of their research work.
Therefore, the whole process of project writing is not without an assigned supervisor to every student who oversees the whole proves of the research work and ensures that the student comes out with an excellent research work. The supervisor also renders assistance to the students and put them through where he/she feels they’ve made or making a mistake.
Because of the relevance and importance of a supervisor to a supervisee, it is advised that the supervisee try as much as possible to be in the good book of his/her supervisor. Ensure you have or build a mutual relationship with your supervisor as doing this will do you lots of good and may also make your research work easy and hitch free. Falling out with your supervisor for any reason isn’t healthy for your research work as it may delay your whole research process.
An undergraduate project is an academic exercise students carry out in their final year in the university. It is a show of accumulation of knowledge and ability throughout their years in their university. It is expected that you identify a problem which will necessitate your research and then come up with your research findings and make appropriate recommendations.
The role of a project supervisor is like the role of a guardian and mentor. The supervisor is assigned to the student to coach him/her, guide them, assist them in way they need help and generally ensure they come up with an excellent project work at the end of the day.
There are various reasons as to why students fall out with their supervisors some of them are:
One of the reasons why students fall out with their supervisors is delay in submitting research project for vetting. Some supervisors get angry with their supervisees when they don’t, meet up with the deadline for submission of their research work. Why most supervisors ask to see the project work of their students even before defense or before further research is to ascertain that they are on the right track like how far they’ve gone in the research work, are they following the approved university or departmental format of project writing, is the methodology used in consonant with the research hypothesis, if the aim of the study concise with the literature reviews and so on and so forth. So when these supervisors are ready and have made out time to go through your research work at an agreed date and time and you don’t show up or come up with a flimsy excuse, it get them angry and they begin to see you as an un serious students and might conclude you don’t know what you are waiting and as such may leave you to your fate which may end in regret and frustration.
Another reason students fall out with their supervisors is plagiarism. Plagiarism is using another person work without acknowledging the person.
As a result of technology, anyone can test for plagiarism in any work. Therefore, when your supervisor go through your research work and test it for plagiarism, and it comes out positive especially with a high percentage of plagiarism, he/she may be very angry and feel you didn’t do any research work on your own all you did was to use someone else’s work. This will only sever your relationship with your supervisor who will see you as been lazy and not ready to work.
Nobody likes to give an instruction and not see it been carried out. One of the roles of your supervisor is to guide you and tell you what to do to make your research work easy and an excellent one. But it pains your supervisor when he/she gives you an instruction and you don’t implement it/them. It a show of disrespect and unseriousness with your research work. Also when your supervisor gives you instruction and you don’t do it the way he/she asked you to do, its poor implementation and could deter on your relationship with your supervisor.
Irrespective of the reason why you feel out with your supervisor, your relationship with him/her can be restored and some of such ways to improve and do better are as follows:
Ensure to submit your research project on time. Try as much as possible to meet up with the time of submission. Don’t allow your supervisor to keep extending time for you. That is why it is advised to start your research work as early as possible. Choose topics that you can easily find materials on also choose topics that are of interest to you and not topics given to you to research, also seek help from your supervisor when needed. When you do this, you are one step ahead of finishing your research work on time which will help in improving your relationship with your supervisor.
Try as much as you can to avoid plagiarism in your research work. Do your research yourself, ask questions, and seek help from the right sources it will go a long way in ensuring you do your research work yourself and make feasible and appropriate recommendations.
Make sure you follow all instructions given to you by supervisor to the later. Where you are confused, ask questions, and seek clarity that is how to learn and improve. The instruction your supervisor gives to you is for you own good. So ensure to follow them accordingly as you will be glad you did at the end of the day.
Conclusively, in dealings with people there must fall out and misunderstanding. But it is important that we avoid anything that will deter or sever our relationship with those we should be learning from even if there is misunderstanding along the line, we should find possible ways to make amends and improve.
Supervisors are very relevant in any research work especially free projects academic research they are there to help and guide you through your research journey and ensure you come out with an excellent research work. Therefore, it is expected that you the supervisee listens and follow all instructions given to you by your supervisor. Avoid anything that will lead to you falling out with your supervisor.
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